Tuesday 20 February 2024

Cyclists Jumping Lights on Uxbridge Rd Face £50 Fine

Cyclists - jump the lights at your peril
Cyclists beware - running a red light in Shepherd's Bush could cost you £50.  

It's become commonplace for London cyclists to jump the lights; after all, unlike motor vehicles, cyclists are unlikely to get a ticket. 

No Penalty for Cyclists?
And, apart from a few angry pedestrians shaking their fist at you - there is no real penalty for jumping the light.  As a result, it sometimes seems as if red lights have become merely advisory for many cyclists in our city.

Police Traps
However, our local police are often to be found on the Uxbridge Rd, ready to catch the many (most?) cyclists who jump the lights.  You might think the police can't fine the cyclists without a vehicle licensing system but you'd be wrong. The police can - and do - issue on the spot £50 fines.  So, cyclists, unless you want to be £50 out of pocket, you might not want to jump the lights.  

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