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How to Plan A Royal Street Party For The Queen's Birthday On 12 June 2016

2011 Street Party in The Bush. Photo: H Phibbs
Councillor Harry Phibbs has recently posted some information at his excellent blog on how to host a street party in Shepherd's Bush to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, on 12 June 2016. 

Interested in having a party, but not sure how to do it? Our Government is keen to promote street parties, and they have now published guidance on how to hold one, setting out all the dos and don'ts. 

In our neck of Shepherd's Bush we had a street party back in 2011 to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  It was fun, and it was also a chance for many of us to meet our neighbours, often for the first time. Below, thanks to Harry, is a brief guide to How To Host a Street Party.

The Queen will be 90 on 12 June 2016. Wikimedia
How do you host a street party?
It is much easier than you might imagine - with surprisingly little red tape. There is no fee, no licence, no insurance. You do not need to carry out a risk assessment, or an alcohol licence, or a food permit, or a music licence.

What do you need to do?
You just need to notify Hammersmith and Fulham Council by filling in this online form. Also you will need to get some barriers to close off the road, so that cars are notified of the street closure.

Do you have to notify the neighbours?
Yes. You need to confirm that you have knocked on the door of everyone in the street (including any shop keepers) and found "general agreement".

What about cleanup?
Yes, it is necessary to clean up the mess afterwards. Don't leave it for the Council.

What do you need to think about?
Plenty. Organisers will want to plan for bunting, tables and chairs, children’s games, food and drink, preparation for rain, start and finish times, and plans for live music. 

How easy is it to fill out the online form?
Not too bad. It's pretty long, and it does give you a lot of stuff to think about. Most important is the requirement to consult with neighbours and local businesses, and to keep a record of their agreement to the plans for the party. The Council want to know that a proper, full consultation has been made, and that no-one will be surprised on the day.

How much notice do the Council need?
LBH&F want 6-8 weeks notice - according to their website.

To read Harry's blog in full, follow this link.

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