Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hammersmith Bridge Repairs Delayed until 2017

Hammersmith Bridge - repairs delayed until 2017
Plans to strengthen the Victorian Hammersmith Bridge have been put on hold until late 2017, according to the Hammersmith Society.

It seems that repairs will cost £27m and there is a £5.3m shortfall.

Hammersmith Bridge first opened in 1887 and needs reinforcement to cope with the weight of more than one bus or lorry crossing the bridge at a time. 

Lacking the cash to carry out the works, our Council have postponed the project until late 2017.  They also say there are "no structural issues with the bridge - as long as only one bus crosses at a time".

Transport for London (TfL) is believed to have offered a contribution of £20m towards the cost of repairs.

If you have crossed the bridge recently, you may have noticed the TfL stewards (sometimes up to three at each end) checking that only one bus is on the bridge at any time.  

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