Friday, 16 December 2016

Lonely Shed Demolished

The old electricity sub-station on Shepherd's Bush Green is being demolished.

The site has been fenced off and various men in yellow high-viz jackets are now taking it apart, brick by brick.

It's a shame that some use couldn't have been found for this attractive Edwardian building.

Many local people, including Councillor Harry Phibbs, hoped to see it restored and renovated - perhaps used as a cafe.

Disused Electrical Sub-station - before demolition
But there were many objections, not least (bizarrely) from other local businesses who didn't want more competition.

Eventually, in the byzantine world of local planning, a benign outcome that saved the building was not possible.

Demolition begins
According to Ian Ross, head of Parks for the tri-borough (that's us, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster): "We have explored a number of options for this building, all of which have been discounted due to the investment needed to make it habitable.  At this stage our primary aim is to get the building demolished and remove what has become an eyesore."

So that's it then, the old shed will soon be gone.

It's a shame really - Victorian and Edwardian London generally scrubs up pretty well if it is given a chance, and the sad shed on the Green might have looked nice if it had been properly looked after.

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