Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tube Strike Starts at 6pm Tonight

On strike from 6pm tonight
London Underground station staff are on strike from 6pm tonight, continuing for 24 hours. Most of the London Underground system will grind to a halt.

Time to plan for the worst - and remember that the roads will be even busier than usual. If you can, work from home. If not, according to the BBC, your best bet is to walk or cycle.

Who and what is affected?
Only the Tube - not National Rail overground services.  Most zone 1 stations will be closed. But which ones? No-one seems to know. 

What about the Overground?
Business as usual - mostly. If you can get to work this way - this is your solution. 

What about buses?
Buses will run normally. But, of course, traffic will be a nightmare. Budget a lot of extra time.

What about bikes?
Yes, this is an option for some.

What is the strike about?
Public safety! And nothing to do with protecting the jobs and salaries of union members, obviously. So as you cycle or walk tomorrow on a busy London street full of buses and lorries, remember this is all being done for your own safety, not for the narrow sectional interests of Tube employees.

To cheer yourself up, watch the London Underground song below:

And, to imagine a utopian vision of the future with no drivers, and no strikes - follow this link. Think it'll actually happen? Not if TFL employees have anything to do with it.

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