Friday 4 January 2019

Former Ginglik Site to Re-Open in 2019?

Edwardian loo, later Ginglik nightclub, now derelict
There may be some good news at at last for the much-neglected East corner of Shepherd's Bush Green.

The site formerly occupied by Ginglik, the Edwardian loo-turned-nightclub that closed a few years back, may have a new tenant.

LBHF have apparently been marketing the property, ending on thursday 6 December, and "offers have been received".

The next stage is for the "offers to be considered before a recommendation is put to the Cabinet members in early January for approval".

What's this all about?
The Edwardian loo, which became Ginglik nightclub, but which is now derelict. Today you can still half-see the sign, as the former venue gently rots and adds to the general pervasive dilapidation of Shepherd's Bush Green.

Why did Ginglik close?
Ginglik closed because of the cost of necessary repairs to the site. According to an article in the Evening Standard back in 2008, the site is owned by our Council, who were unable to afford the £300,000 cost of repairs to the premises, which therefore had to be closed, and "filled in with concrete".

Ginglik today
Since that time, the site has sat empty and unloved. What is not clear is how the site can be re-opened ten years after being closed down when, presumably, no repairs have taken place. It's also unclear why a potentially lucrative source of revenue for LBHF has been sitting idle all this time.

LBHF were not available for comment.

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