Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Visitor Parking Permits To Change on 1 May

Visitor parking permits in Shepherd's Bush (in fact, parking permits all across our Borough) are changing. LBHF are switching to a new visitor permit system which the Council say will "make renewing and applying for a permit easier and more convenient".

The new system will be hosted by RingGo, and LBHF say that using the RingGo app (presumably on your phone) means you can "book visitor parking sessions on the go, wherever you are", and "means you’ll no longer need to put an activated card in your visitor’s vehicle." All of which sounds good, if of course it actually works.

The new system is called a resident visitor permit (RVP), and replaces the old smart visitor permit (SVP). To give residents time to use up any remaining credit on the old SVP accounts, they are phasing it out slowly over several months, and the Council promises that "any credit remaining on SVP accounts after the cut-off period on Tuesday 1 May 2018 will be automatically refunded".

But without a physical activated permit in your visitor's car - won't the parking wardens just give your guest a ticket anyway? In which case you then have the long and boring process of trying to have the parking ticket overturned.  Or, worse, trying to help your friend do it, while they regret ever having come to visit you in the first place.

To read more about the changes, follow this link, or paste this link into your browser: https://www.lbhf.gov.uk/parking/parking-permits/visitor-permits

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