Thursday, 3 May 2018

Time to Vote

Polling Day by William Hogarth
Here at the Shepherd's Bush Blog we don't urge you to vote for any particular party; possibly because we strongly suspect that you wouldn't pay any attention if we did.

But we do urge you to vote, and to vote on the local issues that confront our neighbourhood. Ask yourself - what will our candidates do to make our parks better and our streets cleaner?

Are they in favour of new development and investment, and do they get things done?

In particular, ask yourself if your local councillors actually earn their keep? Some councillors, like Ravenscourt's Harry Phibbs, work their backsides off, contributing meaningfully to making our neighbourhoods a better place.

Other councillors, often those in safe wards which have returned the same party for years, just collect their £10,000 a year, while not bothering even to reply to constituents' emails.

So, let's keep our local representatives on their toes, and vote out the ones who aren't putting in the effort.  Local democracy is too important.

The Bush Telegraph offers a personal view on life in Shepherd's Bush.  Read about theCampaign to Save Hammersmith Park, find out about our new Farmer's Market, see what's on at The Bush Theatre, find out the latest news on the future of Shepherd's Bush Market, and the Council's plans to upgrade the Goldhawk Road and the Uxbridge Road.

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