Monday, 9 August 2021

Motorcyle Parking Consulation in Shepherd's Bush

Area affected by LBHF proposed restrictions
Our local council, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF), are proposing new restrictions on the parking of mopeds and motorcycles in and around Shepherd's Bush Green.

The proposals are in response to complaints from local residents, especially those in the "Caxton Village" area, about mopeds working for the food delivery companies at all times of day and night.

LBHF have proposed two new "Motorcycle Parking Areas" in Macfarlane Rd and Uxbridge Rd which would be specially designed areas for motorcyles and mopeds.

Public Consultation
The Council is running a public consultation on these proposals. You can have your say by writing a letter to LBHF or sending them an email (details below). Below you can see the full text of the letter from LBHF:

Below is page 2 of the LBHF letter:

Macfarlane Road
The letter suggests new proposed motorcycle parking bays on Macfarlane Rd, which a number of Macfarlane Rd residents aren't very happy about. 

How to have your say
To offer your opinion on the proposed changes, you can either write to Richard Plant at LBHF (address at the top of the letter), or you can email

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