Thursday 7 December 2023

Shepherd's Bush Market Meeting Abandoned

A meeting this week to determine the fate of Shepherd's Bush Market was abandoned following vocal protests.

The meeting was held on Tuesday at the Shortlands office building in a large meeting room, with space for LBHF councillors and seating for attendees and speakers.  A number of market traders attended, as well as shopkeepers, and also local residents. The meeting was abandoned following noisy protests that made it impossible to proceed.

Street Protests
"Save the Market" protesters were chanting outside the building with a megaphone; they were not subsequently allowed into the meeting. However, later protests further disrupted the meeting.

Yoo Capital Pesentation
Yoo Capital was able to make a presentation, much of which concerned the amount of light that might be restricted by the new office block - see Yoo's proposed designs on the right. 

Vocal Protests
Those opposed to the redevelopment were also able to speak.  However a noisy demonstration within the meeting room eventually began, and the noise and disruption caused by the protest - chanting “Bush Market is not for sale” - eventually shut down the meeting, which had to be abandoned. 

What Next?
It is not clear what the next steps are for Shepherd's Bush Market.  Presumably another hearing will take place - but with better security. 

Ten Years of Failure

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