Thursday, 16 October 2014

What's Happening to Shepherd's Bush Market?

Shepherd's Bush market is being developed by Orion
The outgoing Council's plans for the redevelopment of Shepherd's Bush Market are controversial, not least because they involve the demolition of the much-loved Cooke's Pie and Mash shop on the Goldhawk Road, featured in the classic film Quadrophenia. Recently the market development just took one step closer to being realised, as minister Erick Pickles granted a compulsory purchase order, apparently acting against the recommendation of planning inspector Ava Wood.

The Secretary of State's reasoning was that:

"The secretary of state considers that the proposed purpose of the order, including the redevelopment and regeneration of the area, will significantly contribute to the achievement of the promotion or improvement of the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area."

In November 2013 the developer Orion held an open house consultation at the Bush Theatre on the Uxbridge road, which borders on the proposed scheme. A 3D architectural mockup revealed pretty clearly what the new development will look like.

On the left is the new plaza. To the right are the proposed high-rise flats.

At the north end, the Uxbridge road, there will be a new plaza, an open square for events and the like. The South end, where the scheme borders on the Goldhawk road, is where the new flats will be built. This is the controversial bit because it involves the removal of a small row of Victorian shops along the Goldhawk road - including the Pie and Mash shop.

Newsletter sent out by Orion after the consultation
You can read more about the story at , or copy this link into your browser:

You can also visit Orion's official website to see more about the plans. It looks like a temporary market is going to be built to house the existing market traders, while the new building works take place.

A fuller version of this story was reported at GetWestLondon here.


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