Sunday, 13 December 2015

Humans of Shepherd's Bush - No 8

"Since I was 16 I've been dressing as my idol Michael Jackson. My cousin was Michael's secretary so I have a link to him!

Everyone calls me Michael.  I listen to Michael all day long every day and I dance to his music. People see me and they dance with me on the streets too.  My favourite song is I Wanna Be Where You Are. I like it because its very bouncy - it's great to dance to.  

I never make any money out of Michael. I do it because I love him and his music. 

When Michael died I got 2 weeks from work because I was so upset. It was terrible when he died. He bought such happiness to the world.

I had my 15 minutes of fame when I was on Britain's got Talent, but I don't want fame.  I just want to keep Michaels music alive.  I don't like any other music.  I don't listen to any other music ever.  I've lived in Shepherds a Bush since was 12 years old.  Everyone knows me here! I love it!  

My family call me Gerald."


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