Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Phase 2 of TV Centre Revealed at "Public Drop-in" on 27 April

TV centre - as proposed by Stanhope
Stanhope, the developers who are masterminding the huge new build taking place on the old BBC TV site on Wood Lane, are organising a "public drop-in" to view plans for Phase Two of TV Centre.

The drop-in will take place on Wednesday 27 April at 6pm in the new Television Centre Marketing Suite - the new building opposite Wood Lane Station on Wood Lane.

What is this event about?
TV Centre site a few days ago

Stanhope are keen to have good relations with the local community as the massive new redevelopment of TV Centre gets under way, with Phase 1 due for completion in 2018, and Phase Two due to begin soon.

What will be on display?
At the drop-in there will be a display of the details of Phase 2, including the townhouses at the rear of Frithville Gardens and also the apartments and shops on the multi-storey car park site on Wood Lane.

Members of the project team will be available to discuss the proposals and answer questions.

Who is invited?
All are invited to come along, take a look at the plans, and share their views on the new development.

Where and when?
The public drop-in takes place on 27 April from 6pm to 8.30pm at the new Television Centre Marketing Suite - the new building opposite Wood Lane Station on Wood Lane.

What will TV Centre look like?
To see a "fly-through" of TV Centre, watch the seven minute video below, which gives you realistic 3D renders of most of the views of the new buildings.

When will Phase 2 Begin?
This has not been decided yet - as it is subject to planning approvals.

Why is this drop-in important?
Townhouses on Frithville Gardens.

Because this is the first time the public can see what the new build on Wood Lane will really look like, and the new townhouses on Frithville Gardens.

The old BBC car park on Wood lane is to be demolished, to be replaced by new flats and shops. So the question is - will this new building be an asset to our neighbourhood, or a liability?

In particular, will it invite pedestrians to walk up Wood Lane, bringing life back to what is currently a pretty bleak neighbourhood? Will there be shops and cafes to browse in, or will it be it be just another faceless modern development fronting on to a busy London street?

Come along on Wednesday 27 April and make your own decision.

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