Monday, 4 April 2016

Support Your Local Farmer's Market!

Brook Green farmer's Market - every Saturday
Here in Shepherd's Bush we have an excellent farmer's market - it takes place every saturday morning from 10am until 3pm in Addison Primary School on Bolingbroke Road in Brook Green.

Much of the produce is organic and locally sourced and you can meet the farmers themselves and have them explain to you what "free range" and "organic" really means.

When did the market begin?
The farmer's market started up in 2014 and has built up slowly, with more stalls being added over time.

How big is it?
The market is modestly sized, with around two dozen stalls, but it is growing over time, and getting more diverse. Things got a little slow over the winter - but now that the sun is shining again, more people are coming and there are more stalls, with more varied produce.

What can you buy?
Brook Green farmer's market
There are lots of stalls, including people selling fresh eggs, fresh organic meat, great coffee, fresh-baked bread, quiches and tarts, and home-brewed beer.

There is home-made pasta, home-made quiches and pies, fresh fish and organic milk and cheeses.

Who shows up?
Plenty of locals come along. Over time you get to know the faces at the market, and you find out who has the best stuff.

What about kids?
There are tables and chairs with board games to keep children entertained, and there is also a day care centre next to the market where parents can change nappies and take kids to the loo. Best of all there is a mini-playground with climbing frames and other play equipment. So, you can take your kids and keep them happy.

Where is the Farmer's Market exactly?
Addison Primary School (Use the Bolingbroke Road Entrance)
Addison Gardens
Brook Green
W14 0DT

Why shop here and not at the supermarket?
Because you know where the food is coming from, and because it feels good to spend money on food that comes fresh from the farmer - not from a giant corporation.

To find more about the market and how to get there, follow this link.

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