Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Shepherd's Bush Police Station Terrorist Target

Shepherd's Bush Police Station
It's odd to think of Shepherd's Bush as a terrorist target. Why would anyone, let alone Islamic State, want to blow up Shepherd's Bush police station?

But recently a group of men were convicted of doing exactly that. Tarik Hassane and Suhaib Majeed were found guilty of "conspiring to commit a terrorist murder". Two other men, Nyall Hamlett and Nathan Cuffy, were found not guilty of conspiracy but pleaded guilty to firearms offences.

IS flag
All four men were from London, and all had sworn allegiance to IS. And these were not desperate, impoverished young men with few choices in life. Hassane was a medical student, known to his friends as "The Surgeon", with a potentially bright future ahead of him - one which presumably would have involved saving lives, rather than taking them.

The group had a stash of guns and ammunition, and planned to make their getaway on a moped. They also planned to attack the Territorial Army Barracks on South Africa Road.

To see the full story, follow the link to ShepherdsBushW12.com.

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