Monday, 17 July 2017

Why Does LBHF Take So Long To Repair Our Parks?

Hammersmith Park climbing mound in April 2016
Early in 2016 some long-overdue repairs were begun by our local Council, The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, to the children's playground in Hammersmith Park. A company called Valley Landscape Management put up fences around the damaged climbing mound (see above) and began repairs. But, more than a year later, the job still isn't done. Why does it take our Council so long to complete basic repairs to our parks?

In May 2016 I asked my local Councillors about speeding up the repairs to Hammersmith Park, without much success. However Councillor Guy Vincent did reply, and said as follows:

"We are working with Stanhope on a project to improve the playground, the Japanese garden and the sports facilities. In fact we are meeting this week to look at budgets and costings. The problem is the amount of work that we would like to carry out as opposed to what we can afford. So it is taking longer than we would like".

I also contacted Stanhope, the company which is redeveloping TV Centre, and they say that they intend to put a significant amount of money into the Park, as part of their "section 106" contribution to the local community. So, according to Stanhope, there is plenty of money available.

By November 2016, nothing further had been done, and the mound looked like this (see image below). By then it was completely overgrown and in much worse shape than before.

Climbing mound November 2016

I contacted Councillor Vincent again and he replied: "We are pushing forward. We want to try to find corporate sponsorship from Japanese businesses for some of the works to the Japanese Garden. I am meeting with Stanhope (the developer of TV Centre) next week to discuss costings and funding. We will consult local residents before any final decision is made."

This past Sunday I went to Hammersmith Park with my two year old son. This is what the climbing mound now looks like. The repairs have mostly been done (at last), but the site is still fenced off, and cannot be used.

Climbing mound, 16 July 2017

LBHF may say they have no money, but it is their duty to repair and maintain our parks.  Saying they have no cash isn't good enough. They can surely do better.

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  1. Cant understand why the council(the conservative council that was in power at the time) wasted all the money putting these in and the thing that looks like the giant cat litter tray. The hill in question didnt last more than a year waste of money

  2. I'm not so sure. My kids love running up and down the climbing mounds. Real pleasure for little ones.

  3. I never said the kids didn't enjoy them ....just the amount they cost you would think they would have lasted a bit longer . I do not think the quality of the construction of them was worth it.....and im sorry i do stand by my comment that the over sized cat litter tray and what that cost was a waste of money.

  4. How much did the "over sized cat litter tray" cost?