Saturday, 10 July 2021

EV Charging Stations Coming to the Bush

EV charging station
Across Shepherds Bush, Electric vehicle ("EV") charging stations have been springing up.  Recently our local council, LBHF, ran a consultation with residents in our streets regarding a new charging station for EVs.

"We're in favour", said locals, "but can we keep our existing residents' parking bays please?"  Luckily for us, LBHF said "yes", and put the new charging bay in a place where it didn't take up any existing residents' bays.

Consultation Process
Consultation Map
In our case, the consultation process was meaningful and helpful.  The council asked us what we wanted, and accepted a proposal which did not reduce the number of residents' parking bays, but instead took away a yellow line which until recently was chiefly used by lorries parking up and running their diesel engines. 

Lampost charging points
The new EV space makes use of a lamp-post charging point, an imaginative move to make it easier to charge electric cars. LBHF have installed "LampPost Charging Points" at various points in the Borough.  The idea is to take an existing supply of electricity - a street light - and make it available to owners of electric cars.

Since very few residents in our borough have garages where cars can be parked and charged overnight, this offers a useful way to charge your electric car on the street.  It's an imaginative solution to the problem of how to charge electric cars in a part of London chiefly composed of Victorian and Edwardian terraced housing.

To see how to get your own LampPost Charging Point installed - read this blog post.

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