Saturday, 25 October 2014

Farmer's Market Comes to Shepherd's Bush

Brook Green farmer's Market
Here in the Bush we have a lot of choice about where to buy our groceries. We get to choose not just between the big national chains - Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco's, and Morrisons - but we enjoy a host of Middle Eastern and Polish specialist stores lining the Uxbridge and Goldhawk Roads.  Now, we have a new farmer's market - it takes place every saturday morning from 10am until 3pm in Addison Primary School on Bolingbroke Road in Brook Green.

The farmer's market started up this past summer and has built up slowly, with more stalls being added and more punters, as local people discover it, tell their friends, and come back for more. The line for the organic fruit and veg stall in particular is reliably long - always a sign of good food sold at good prices.

There are fresh eggs, fresh organic meat, hand-picked mushrooms, fresh coffee, fresh-baked bread, quiches and tarts, and home-brewed beer.

Best of all, you get to know the faces at the market, and so a community of like-minded people starts to build up and grow. And it feels good to spend money on food that comes fresh from the farmer - not from a giant corporation.

To find more about the market and how to get there, follow this link.

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