Sunday, 26 October 2014

Story Stock Comes to The Bush theatre on Tuesday 28 October

Story Stock
The Bush Theatre is our newest temple of culture in The Bush, presently occupying the old library on the Uxbridge Road, a venerable Victorian structure founded by enterpreneur and philanthropist Passmore Edwards in the late 19th century.  Next week StoryStock comes to the Bush Theatre, bringing art and culture to children of all ages.

The Bush Theatre on the Uxbridge Rd. Passmore Edwards would surely approve
Children are invited to learn about stories, drawing, films - even animation. The event takes place over three days - you can see the programme below:

Tuesday is Michael Morpurgo Day, with an emphasis on story telling.

Wednesday is "The Big Draw Day".

Thursday is "The Adventure Day", with more stories and story telling workshops. It is often said that you can't teach creativity. But you can certainly teach kids what creativity is all about, and how children can start to tell their own stories, with words and drawings as their tools.

For more about StoryStock, see their official website


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