Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Save Hammersmith Park!

Hammersmith Park - worth saving?
Bush resident, author and journalist Virginia Ironside is leading a campaign to save Hammersmith Park from development by Play Football, whose plans would in effect turn one third of the park into a pay-to-play football pitch. Contracts were signed and planning permission was given by the outgoing council, and while the new Labour administration oppose the plans, they are not able to speak out against them for fear of being in breach of contract. It is now up to local residents to decide the issue. If the voices against this private development are loud enough, it may yet be enough to persuade Play Football to change their minds.

Hammersmith Park
Local Groups that have signed up to Virginia's campaign to save Hammersmith Park include:

  • Ashchurch Residents Association
  • Friends of Ravenscourt Park 
  • Frithville Gardens Residents Association 
  • Fulham Society 
  • Fulham & Hammersmith Historical Society 
  • Fulham Archaeological Rescue Group 
  • Grampians Residents Association 
  • Greenside (Shepherd’s Bush Green) 
  • Hammersmith Community Garden Association 
  • Hammersmith Society 
  • Residents Amenities Protection Association (Loftus Road) 
  • Macfarlane Road and Hopgood St Residents' Association
  • London Sports Trust 
  • Music House for Children 
  • Open Spaces Society 
  • Save Shepherd’s Bush Streets 
  • Shepherd’s Bush United Football Team 
  • St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum 
  • St Stephens School 
  • The Urban Partnership 
  • White City Enterprise 
  • White City Neighbourhood Forum 
  • White City Residents’ Association 
  • Woodlands Area Residents 
  • Wormholt Residents Association 
  • Wormholt and White City Big Local 
and, in addition to the above:
  • Fulham & Hammersmith Historical Society 
  • Fulham Archaeological Rescue Group 
  • MacFarlane Road Residents Group 
  • Friends of Bishops Park 
  • Granville Mansions Residents Association 
  • Hammersmith & Fulham Historic Buildings Group 
  • St Michael and St George’s Anglican Church 
  • Friends of Wormwood Scrubs 
  • Friends of Furnival Gardens 
  • Brackenbury Residents Association 
  • Hammersmith Embankment Residents Association 
  • Friends of Wormholt Park 
  • Hammersmith Mall Residents’ Association (HAMRA)
Hammersmith Park
To read more about the issue, see this blog post here. And to help support Virginia Ironside's campaign, you can get in touch with her here. She is particularly looking for support from local residents' associations and other community organisations, who care about the future of Shepherd's Bush and our local parks.

To read more about Play Football's plans, see this post here at ShepherdsbushW12.com.  To visit Play Football's official site, follow this link

And don't forget to leave your comments below. We want to hear the views of local people in our community.

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