Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tube Strike Starts Tomorrow Night

No trains from 6.30pm Wednesday. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Despite making almost £50k a year (starting salary) for sitting on their bottoms 36 hours a week, London Underground train drivers are on strike again from 6.30pm wednesday night.

The strike will continue into Thursday August 6. Once again the whole of the London Underground system will grind to a halt. Time to plan for the worst, remember that the roads and buses will be even busier than usual, and work from home if you are able.

To cheer yourself up on thursday, watch the London Underground song below, or maybe fill out an application form to become a train driver. The pay is about double the national average, considerably better money than most teachers, policemen or nurses make, and for a good deal less work.  Plus you get 43 days of leave per year, and you don't need to spend years studying in higher education.

Best of all, you can have the fun of watching an entire city struggle to get to work if you feel badly treated.

To imagine a utopian vision of the future of London with no drivers, and therefore no strikes - follow this link. Or, better yet, why can't the Government pass legislation to class London Underground employees as essential workers (like policemen, soldiers, doctors and nurses) - and therefore ensure that minimum service is provided during strike action?

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