Sunday, 9 August 2015

Why Are The Parking Rules in Shepherd's Bush Such a Mess?

Where can you park legally in Shepherd's Bush? In Pay and Display? With a Residents' Permit? What about a Blue Badge? Where are they valid? And what about a yellow line? When are they restricted, and when are they free? What about motorcycles and scooters? Can they be parked in Pay and Display bays without a ticket? Or perhaps in a residents' bay?

In many parts of Shepherd's Bush, the rules are unclear, poorly signposted, and seem (call me cynical) designed to produce a harvest of lucrative tickets. So what, exactly, are the rules?

Who decides the parking rules in Shepherd's Bush?
The parking rules are set down by The Council, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Are they easy to understand?
No. I have lived in my street for five years and I still don't understand the rules. For example, when can you park on a yellow line? After 6pm? After 8pm? On Saturdays? Sundays? The rules differ from place to place and, since there are no signs to guide you, you simply take your chances with the traffic wardens and cross your fingers. People in our street get tickets all the time, many of them are completely mystified as to why.

The machine says one thing,
wardens say another.
Does the Council know what the rules are?
They don't seem to. I recently tried to find out whether scooters and motorcycles could be parked in pay and display bays, or whether they should go in residents parking bays, since the rules are different for scooters and motorcycles. I got a different answer from everyone I spoke to at the Council.

The rules are also very unclear for the use of visitor's permits. The Pay and Display bays say that residents' visitor permits can be used, but try using one in a Pay-and-Display bay and your visitor will likely get a ticket. Since the Council don't seem to understand what the rules are, how are residents supposed to know?

Why can't the Council make their mind up?
It can't be that hard to design a policy that has clear, defined rules. The rules for yellow lines seem to be especially opaque. Most people think that you can park on a yellow line after 6pm, and on Sundays, but this isn't always the case. Better signage would help, especially given that the price of getting it wrong is a big, fat parking ticket, which few of us have the time or energy to contest.

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