Wednesday 2 March 2016

Funfair Returns To Shepherd's Bush - But At What Cost?

The funfair is coming back to Shepherd's Bush Green from 24 March until April 10.  Good news then for young children and their families.

Trouble is, these funfairs seem inevitably to cause huge damage to the Green, which even at the best of times could use a bit of love and attention.

What with a daily distribution of litter, a generous helping of winos, and now ash dieback killing the trees, the last thing Shepherd's Bush Green needs is huge lorries to smash up the pathways and the turf even more.

Scars caused by funfair lorries on Shepherd's Bush Green
Take a look at the photo on the right taken this morning. The damage caused by the last funfair still hasn't been repaired.

How much does the Council get paid for these funfairs - and is it really worth it, given the damage they cause?

And why doesn't the Council insist that the funfair owners repair the damage they before they leave? It's probably in the contract, but it doesn't look like anyone is bothering much about enforcement.

Maybe what's needed is someone to organise the Friends of Shepherd's Bush Green to fight for this corner of green space in our Borough. Any volunteers?

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  1. I agree with the sentiment of the post. I live in a flat overlooking Shepherds Bush green. The sound from the funfairs is annoying (mostly high pitched screaming) as is the amount of artificial light they through off. No doubt what little wildlife there is left on the green is wiped out every time there is a funfair.

    I don't think I am being 'nimbyist,' when I say that I would rather pay more council tax than have one of our few green spaces damaged each time a fair comes to town.

    I thought the Moscow State Circus was a good use of the green, but these random fairs far less so.

    What about the trees on the green? They are being cut down at a very alarming rate. Surely the fairs as well as the traffic and the pathetic drainage of the green bear responsibility for that?

  2. Throw not through, obviously ;-)

  3. the drainage is a big problem - we have a mini-lake in the middle of the Green.

  4. Miles, couldn't agree with you more. I also live nearby and have been trying to address the issue with the council. I've have had a meeting and exchange of e-mails, some quite recently. If you'd like I'd copy those, so to give you some idea what the Council is saying. I hope we could have our say and it would be of some help if there are more voices out there.

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  5. Hi Boris B - do post here what the Council's stated position is. The head of Parks for our Borough (and also RBKC) by the way is Ian Ross. My guess is that no-one really cares that much about Shepherd's Bush Green one way or the other

  6. Hi all, this is the most recent response I've had from the council regarding the fairs at The Green. My main points were to do with the duration and frequency of the fairs, levels of noise and of course the environmental effects on The Green.Here's the email:
    Good afternoon and I hope you are well,

    The council has taking the following actions after our last year’s meeting.

    · Only three funfairs would take place in a calendar year

    · Duration of the each event will not be longer than three weeks

    · Each ride’s sound would be turned down that it could only be noticeable by the attendees.

    · All the sounds and big rides will be shut down at 9pm. This proposal was tested during Christmas Fair 2015 and it did work.

    · Circuses would take place bi-yearly

    I have confirmed the above with the George Irvin’s team this week. Would you please let me know your thoughts.

    Kind regards

    Jem Kale
    Events Manager
    Filming and Events Team
    Cleaner, Greener and Cultural Services
    Environment, Leisure and Residents Services
    London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
    Director for Cleaner Greener & Cultural Services
    Sue Harris

  7. thanks much for this! Half the battle with our council is knowing who to contact.....

  8. Hi, thank you for the post!! I wish I could have known about it earlier. I missed the opportunity to visit, but next time will make sure that I would be a part of it.