Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Candidates - Charlie Dewhirst

Charlie Dewhirst
Charlie Dewhirst is the Conservative candidate for Hammersmith, hoping to unseat sitting Labour MP Andy Slaughter. 

With the polls narrowing, and Slaughter having increased his majority at the last election, Charlie Dewhirst's task seems like a tough one. Still, Hammersmith will be on the wish-list for Conservative Party strategists hoping to win this seat in a gentrifying area of West London. 

We asked Charlie Dewhirst the same questions we put to Andy Slaughter last week. 

It's only two years since the last general election. How have the major issues changed?
I think the underpinning issues haven’t changed hugely: people still want a strong economy, greater security and effective public services. However, I believe the choice between the two main parties is much more stark in this election. There is a clear choice between Theresa May, who has a plan for stability as we enter the Brexit negotiations, and Jeremy Corbyn, who would bankrupt the country if he were allowed to implement his manifesto.

Around 70% of our constituency voted against Brexit. Is Brexit still up for grabs, or do you take the view that the question has been decided by the referendum?

The result of the referendum must be respected and we need to focus on the negotiations ahead, which will begin just 11 days after the general election. Ultimately I want to see a deal that works for Britain, and for Europe as a whole, and only Theresa May can deliver that. Jeremy Corbyn and his team would make a complete mess of these negotiations and ordinary working families would pay the price with more debt, higher taxes, fewer jobs and a less secure future.

Aside from national issues, what are the local issues in Shepherd's Bush that you are campaigning on?

I want more affordable housing built in Shepherd’s Bush – both to rent and buy, I will continue to campaign against the third runway at Heathrow and I want Sadiq Khan’s cuts to the local crime prevention budget reversed. There are plenty of other issues, which you can read on my website:

The Shepherd's Bush Market redevelopment failed - is there hope for another scheme that might improve the market?

I would like to see a scheme come forward that has the support of all parties: residents, stallholders and other local businesses.

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