Thursday, 11 May 2017

White City Vision in the Evening Standard

White City - the vision
Another vision of the new White City development has been published in the Evening Standard.

It's a promotional piece, but it has some nice 3D images of the future of White City, and gives a useful impression of how the redeveloped neighbourhood will look.

On the left you can the see the new John Lewis department store, part of the ongoing expansion of Westfield, and further to the left the tall towers of the St James development on the old M&S warehouse site.

White City will be pretty much unrecognisable when all this is done. The centrepiece of the new development is a new city park, which will straddle the railway arches of the Hammersmith & City line, which is itself being refurbished to include shops and cafes under the arches.

Shrinking park?
The Westfield extension was supposed to be finished this year, but now the official word is that completion will not be until early 2018.

The new park in particular will be a welcome addition to White City. I'm not sure if it's just me, but the green space of the new park seems to look a little bit smaller every time I see a new architectural render. Let's hope it doesn't disappear altogether. Opportunities like this to add to the green lungs of our city don't come along very often.

To see the full story in the Evening Standard, follow this link.

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  2. Hello Alexander, a lead developer from "White City Living" replied to me to explain that the cut out in the ground (that would've been additional green space) was required by TFL to provide ventilation and fire safety compliance for the operating central line.

    Please call White City Living (St James/Berkeley) on: 02038135262
    Ask them about adding your email and details to be invited to an Information open day (they've apparently delayed the Information day until June or July this year)