Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Register to Vote by Monday - Or Lose Your Vote

Monday 22 May is the last chance to register to vote in the coming general election.  By now you should have had a letter confirming your registration and letting you know where your polling booth is located. Usually, it's a short walk from your house.

Plenty of people aren't registered in our Borough, and the 2014 changes in voter registration appear to have made things worse, especially among certain groups, such as students and minorities.

According to a recent piece in the Guardian, voter registration among school leavers has fallen 25% since individual registration of voters (rather than registration by the head of a household) came into force.

To make sure you don't lose your vote in the coming election, make sure to register before Monday night.

Think it won't make a difference? Think again. Local MP Andy Slaughter had a majority of 6,518 at the last general election. A comfortable majority perhaps, but with Labour lagging in the polls, Hammersmith is a seat that the Conservatives will be looking to win this time around.

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