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George Irvin's Funfair is Back 6-19 September

George Irvin's Funfair 6-19 September
George Irvin's Funfair is back at Shepherd's Bush Green, from 6 to 19 September. 

The funfair is not welcomed by many local residents, who live on or near Shepherd's Bush Green and hate the noise and disturbance.

George Irvin's Funfair is a regular visitor to Shepherd's Bush. In recent years they have stayed for up to a full month, but following neighbourhood complaints our local Council scaled them back to 2 1/2 weeks.

The Trouble with Funfairs
Damage caused by funfairs 
The big lorries that transport the funfairs cause damage to Shepherd's Bush Green, which even at the best of times feels badly treated.

Councillor Sue Fennimore, of Avondale Ward, has actively engaged with residents' concerns in the past, and supported scaling back the funfairs.

Scars on Shepherd's Bush Green
The funfair lorries that bring in the heavy equipment lay down big metal causeways on the ground in order to transport their kit, but these kill off the grass and leave scars on the landscape.
Funfair damage. Photo: Andrew Day

Our Council doesn't seem to be able to insist that the funfair owners repair the damage they cause before they leave. The Council does put down fresh grass seed, but often it doesn't seem to take.  They cannot lay down turf because the turf gets stolen.

Local Councillors
If you'd like to let the Council know about your concerns, email your local councillors.

You might also email James Fitzgerald, Filming & Events Manager for LBHF., Nadia Jazaerli, Events Manager for LBHF., and Svetlana Scheck from RBKC.

Funfairs at Shepherd's Bush Green

Below is a handy table from James Fitzgerald, that shows when and how long the big funfairs in Shepherd's Bush are supposed to last.

And, in case you were wondering, LBHF get paid £1,300 per day and £650 each day during the set up and break down.

Is it all worth it? That rather depends on your point of view.

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