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Community Science Day at the "Tiny Forest" 29 Sept

Community Science Day at H&F Tiny Forest 29 Sept
On Wednesday 29th September Earthwatch and our local council LBHF are hosting a "Community Science Day" event at the "Tiny Forest" in Hammersmith Park.  Each session includes the collection of data to monitor how the trees are doing and what creatures are starting to cal the forest home. You can sign up here.

The event is sponsored by local business Fever Tree, who will also be running the early sessions, and the afternoon is open to our local community.

"Tiny Forest" at Hammersmith Park
Tiny Forest in Hammersmith Park
To read about the Tiny Forest, see this blog post.

Current research explores:
  • Carbon capture: how much carbon a Tiny Forest sequesters and stores
  • Flood management: the forest’s ability to store water
  • Biodiversity: focussing on butterflies, pollinators and soil-dwelling organisms
  • Thermal comfort: the cooling benefits of the trees
  • Wellbeing: conducting social surveys with volunteers
Visitors welcome
Come along at anytime between 12:30pm to 4pm on Wednesday 29 September to get stuck in to some research and collect data on the Tiny Forest.  Each scientific test takes around 15 minutes, so feel free to stay for one or two, or stay the whole afternoon and take part in each one.

Covid Safety
All events will be managed in line with current Government COVID-19 guidelines to create a safe day for all.  Hand sanitiser will be provided on site.

Please use the link below to register

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