Sunday, 26 September 2021

No Petrol in Shepherd's Bush

BP at Shepherd's Bush Green - No Petrol
There was today no petrol to be had in Shepherd's Bush at any price.  Last night desperate drivers (including me) were scouring our neighbourhood - as it became clear that to follow Government advice and not panic buy was, regrettably, not the sensible choice after all.

This morning, no petrol was available anywhere. The Government says there are "no supply problems" but even the petrol stations don't seem to know when supplies are due.
The BP on Shepherd's Bush Green, for example, says they have "no idea" when their next tanker will arrive.

Perhaps Grant Schapps is right, that the supply problems are an illusion, and will go away as soon as everyone has filled up their tanks (petrol is harder to store than toilet paper).  But it would be more comforting for folks who need to drive if the petrol stations themselves could confirm when they will have product available.

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