Sunday, 21 November 2021

BBC Car Park Demo Almost Complete

BBC Car Park Demolition - nearly there
The old BBC Car Park on Wood Lane is now almost demolished. 

Since June those residents living at the top of Macfarlane Rd have experienced considerable noise, disruption and even damage to their properties.  One local resident even had a ceiling collapse, caused by the vibrations from the demolition.

Demolition of the site is being carried out by Cantillon, overseen by developer Stanhope, whose work is at last nearing completion - only the ground and first floor remain to be ground down.  The old BBC car park is a massive reinforced concrete structure and demolition was always going to be a nasty business, but the end is in sight at last.

Demolition begins - June 2021
BBC Car Park Demolition
Scaffolding went up this Spring, as the long process of demolition of BBC Car Park on Wood Lane got underway. 

Demolition work began in mid June 2021, but the work was always going to take a long time; the car park is a massive structure filled with concrete ramps, and with deep foundations.  

Cantillon said it would take "at least 35 weeks" to remove it, and local residents in Macfarlane Rd braced themselves for many months of noise, mess and general disruption.

Peabody Trust
Designs for Macfarlane Place
The new building that will replace the car park was originally designed by Stanhope, the site developers, but the building is to be owned and operated by Peabody Trust; it will be called Macfarlane Place, and comprises two buildings, including 142 "affordable" housing units

Zoom Meetings
Cantillon, who are the demolition company preparing the site, have been hosting regular Zoom meetings on the third Wednesday of every month, for local residents.  

If you would like to be added to the invitation list, please email

Macfarlane Rd and WhatsApp group
There is also a Macfarlane Rd WhatsApp group (50+ members) and also Facebook page for the area. (

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