Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Council Says Weekly Bin Collections Will Continue

Fly tipping in Shepherd's Bush
LBH&F have contacted The Bush Telegraph to say that Monday's story about rubbish collection being reduced to just once a week in our neighbourhood is just that - rubbish - and that there was never any intention to cut the service.  To read the full story, see this post from the Council.

In any event, the consultation on the subject is now closed, so that seems to be an end to it, for now at least.

Still, we would like to know more about the Council's plans to crack down on littering and fly-tipping. Anyone walking across Shepherd's Bush Green in the morning is greeted by a sea of detritus. Given the Council's enthusiasm for cracking down on parking offences, why not hand out a few tickets for littering as well?

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