Monday, 2 November 2015

Will The Goldhawk Tavern Re-Open?

Goldhawk Tavern, Goldhawk Road. Photo: Google Maps
Recently a reader contacted us to ask "I'm wondering if you had any information on the Goldhawk Tavern which is still derelict after many years. It's a shame because this used to be one of my favourite pubs in the area." Sadly, we don't know the answer to this.  What is clear however is that pub closures are a sad feature of our times.  The streets of West London are full of ex-pubs - now converted into houses, nail bars, business premises, in short - anything but a pub.  The only ones that seem to survive are those on busy high streets that have effectively become restaurants.  So, is there hope then for the Goldhawk Tavern?

According to a piece in GetWestLondon in 2013, the Goldhawk Tavern has been "sold to developers". But what does this mean, exactly? Demolition? Office space? Much depends on the Council. After all, you can't just change a pub into flats overnight, you need permission for a change of use.

In fact, as Shepherd's Bush gentrifies, there is more and more demand for the kind of quality experience offered by good pubs such as the Princess Victoria on the Uxbridge road - a superb Victorian gin palace which is now a successful and busy pub.  Pubs done right, can still work well.

Once, the Wellington Arms. Today a KCF and "Cashino".
But pubs have been closing in Shepherd's Bush for years.  And once they are gone, they tend to be gone for good.  Consider the fate of The Wellington Arms at 96-102 Uxbridge Road, housed in a handsome Edwardian stone and red brick building on the north side of Shepherd's Bush Green.

Today, it is a KFC and a "Cashino". The first floor balcony is in use as a storage area for old fridges and other old junk.  Looking at it now, you'd never know there had once been a nice old pub on the site.

The Goldhawk Tavern is not the only pub bearing the name of the street which has fallen on hard times. The Goldhawk pub on the north side of the Goldhawk Road (see photo below) is also boarded up.

If any of our readers have any information on the future of The Goldhawk Tavern, we'd be glad to hear from you. Email us at shepherdsbushblog(at)



  1. A reader has kindly clarified this. The Goldhawk Tavern is to be demolished and turned into flats. A quick look at the LBVHF planning portal shows this.

    Details below.


    The Goldhawk
    122 - 124 Goldhawk Road
    W12 8HH

    Non-material amendment to planning permission ref: 2013/03250/FUL of which appeal ref: APP/H5390/A/14/2222264 was granted 8th December 2014 for the 'Alterations and extensions to and the change of use of existing public house (Class A4) to provide 5 x three bedroom and 4 x two bedroom and 1 x one bedroom self-contained flats (Class C3); demolition of part of ground, first and second floor level and front boundary wall; excavation of the front forecourt and part of rear yard to form lightwells in connection with the enlargement of the existing basement; erection of a three storey rear extensions at ground, first and second floor levels; erection of an additional floor at roof level and associated external alterations including excavation of a lightwell to east elevation.

  2. ...and, lest we suppose there is no good news, The British Queen on the Uxbridge Rd is re-opening as The PocketWatch on November 9th. Let's hope it's a good one.

  3. Oh that is dreadfully upsetting. This belonged to my great grandfather. Is it all too late to do something about this?

  4. Oh that is dreadfully upsetting. This belonged to my great grandfather. Is it all too late to do something about this?

  5. probably not, unless you can buy it off the developer!