Monday, 16 November 2015

Westfield Sparkles This Christmas, But No Street Decorations For Shepherd's Bush Again This Year

Westfield Christmas Lights
Love it or hate it, the Westfield shopping centre knows how to put on a good show. Their Christmas lights are impressive, their Shrek-themed Santa's grotto will surely pull in thousands of wide-eyed children, and they also host an ice rink and a Christmas Choir Competition.  But the sparkle at Westfield just underscores how dowdy the shopping streets in Shepherd's Bush have become by comparison.  Where are the lights and decorations on the streets of Shepherd's Bush, and why can't our Council put up a few sprigs of mistletoe?

No lights for Shepherd's Bush?
Just like last year, our Council must be cutting back again - with no seasonal decorations for Shepherd's Bush Green or the surrounding streets.

No lights, no tinsel, no Christmas Tree, nothing to mark the season and cheer the place up.

Carnaby St shows how its done
It's a real pity; in previous years there was at least an effort to help our local traders compete with the glamour of Westfield, by sprucing up the lamp-posts and hanging some Christmas lights.

Not this year. And while shoppers might be disappointed, Uncle Scrooge would be proud!

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