Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Tube Strikes on Sunday through Wednesday Next Week

Central Line will be affected
London Underground station staff are striking again next week.  This latest strike begins on Sunday 5th February at 6pm and lasts until 10am on Monday.

A second strike then begins at 10am on Tuesday 7 February and lasts until 1am on Wednesday 8 February.

Assume that the service will be very bad indeed from Sunday evening until Wednesday morning.  Could be time to buy a bike, or work from home.

Who and what is affected?
Only the Tube - not National Rail overground services. The strike will shut down most of Zone 1, with over 3,000 RMT station staff walking out. To see a map, click here.

What about the Overground?
Business as usual. 

What about buses?
Buses will run normally. But, of course, traffic will be much worse.

What is the strike about?
This is part of long-running dispute over the closure of ticket offices when Boris was Mayor, as automatic ticketing was introduced.  The unions say the staff cuts "raise major safety issues". So there you have it - it's all about safety, and nothing to do with the narrow sectional interests of Tube employees.

See the full story at the Evening Standard here.

And to see a map of which lines are most affected, see this article here.

And to cheer yourself up, watch the London Underground song below:

And, to imagine a utopian vision of the future with no drivers, and no strikes - follow this link. Think it'll actually happen? Not if TFL employees have anything to do with it.

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