Friday, 13 October 2017

White City Living Video

In the video above you can catch a glimpse of what White City will look like when St James have finished their White City scheme, known as "White City Living". St James is the property developer currently re-developing the old M&S warehouse site to the east of Wood Lane, next door to Westfield. You can see our post about their original plans back in 2014.  In May 2015 they got planning approval for their proposed steel and glass project, which will be not unlike Paddington Basin in appearance and design.

St James proposal
Development in our neighbourhood can be something of a mixed blessing, partly because it's often t's hard to know how projects will really turn out.

For example, the new White City Park that was proposed back in 2016 - will it really come to pass? Or will it get nibbled away until it's just a few bits of green space and some trees?

On the right is what the proposed park currently looks like - in some ways it looks more like a pedestrian zone than a park.

Early in 2017 the Evening Standard ran a large piece on the proposals, which you can see here.

It's also unclear how the current downturn in London property will affect these massive developments currently underway on both sides of Wood Lane. So far, nothing seems to be slowing the White City juggernaut.

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