Friday, 25 June 2021

ITV Moves to White City

ITV moves to White City
Some good news for our neighbourhood; ITV is moving operations to White City.  ShowBiz is back in the Bush. 

The broadcaster has signed a 13-year lease on Broadcast Centre in White City from the BBC, as it moves all of its London based staff into one location for the first time.

Broadcast Centre, aka White City Place
ITV Moves to White City
The UK's second-biggest broadcaster (only the BBC is bigger) will begin moving staff from early 2022. 

Around 2,000 ITV employees will be moving to Broadcast Centre (also known as White City Place, and sometimes BBC Media Village) where ITV has leased 120,000 square feet of space.

Good News for White City
This is surely good news for our neighbourhood; we've been missing the hustle and bustle of BBC production since they moved most of their operations to Manchester back in 2015, with most of the buildings sold for redevelopment.  

Television Centre
Television Centre and Helios
Has the development of White City been a good thing? Actually, yes. The rebuilt Helios building is a surprisingly sympathetic restoration of a successful piece of 1960s design, with the original golden statue of Helios taking centre stage.  

The developers have also put money into nearby Hammersmith Park, which is now in far better shape than it was when I moved to Shepherd's Bush a decade ago. 

So, hats off to the White City developers, and a warm welcome to ITV.

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