Thursday, 3 June 2021

Tent City Springs Up on Shepherd's Bush Common

Shepherd's Buddha
A tent city has recently sprung up in the centre of Shepherd's Bush Common (aka Shepherd's Bush Green).  

The camp is set up in a defensive circle, presumably to keep out intruders. 

The people living in the camp seem to be the same folks who were protesting Lockdown and vaccination last weekend. 

Anti-Lockdown Protest?

The camp has signs say things like "Co-exist", "Be the change", "One World" and "Imagine".  Pretty familiar counter-culture material. 

I asked a local policeman what it is all about and he didn't know.  Could the Police move them on? Do they have a right to be there? He replied with a shrug - "it's more of a Council matter", he seemed to think, but wasn't really sure.

Community Reaction
Comment at NextDoor has been similarly uncertain. Some are in favour, some against. Most people posting seem to be at least a little bit worried that the camp might never leave. Would a semi-permanent tent city (without toilet facilities) be a good thing for Shepherd's Bush?

Shepherd's Bush Common
Shepherd's Bush Common is - as the name suggests - common land. we all have a right to be there. But do we have a right to sleep there, to live there?

According to the official Government website, the "right to roam" on common land does not extend to a right to camp or sleep there. For this, you need permission, which our council has presumably not given.

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  1. We are here peacefully and legally. I've spoken to many business owners and locals. Most of them are extremely supportive and thankful. We want and end too the tyranny that's growing each day. Remember who we are. We are not the labels that they give us. We are humanity and we are coming together and rising up.

  2. Hi Clacky So you have permission from LBHF to camp there? If not, then you may be peaceful but you are camping illegally.