Friday, 4 June 2021

Travellers Settle in Ravenscourt Park

Ravenscourt Park
The day after a tent city appeared on Shepherd's Bush Green, travellers have moved into nearby Ravenscourt Park. 

About a dozen travellers and caravans appear to have broken through locked gates this morning at about 5.30am. 

I don't have any pictures yet (anyone got some?), but you can read the full story, with lots of pictures, at the Daily Mail.


  1. A group of travellers camp in Ravencourt Park, bugger off, you're not welcome.
    A group of white middle-class anti-vaxx idiots camp in Shepherd's Bush Green, welcome, stay as long as you like.

  2. Is the green still common land? Did the council sell it?

  3. The Green is de facto common land but that does not permit you to camp out. All land in the UK is ultimately owned by someone and without their permission you may not spend the night there. Hence, the problems that travellers face.

    However, I must post here more often, the day after I posted, the white middleclass anti-vaxx idiots were indeed told to bugger off.