Wednesday, 15 December 2021

WELL - West London Lido Campaign Launched

WELL - West London Lido Campaign
Shepherd's Bush film-maker Eddie Morgan has launched a new website to promote his campaign for a new Lido in Shepherd's - The West London Lido - or "WELL".  

Lidos are - so says the Guardian - experiencing a revival in the UK, so why can't we have one in Shepherd's Bush? 

A Big Idea
Saltdean Lido
The campaign for a West London Lido is a volunteer group, aiming build community support, find a great location and raise the money to create a beautiful, sustainable, new public lido for west London. 

The goal
The ambition is to create a lido 50m by 25m, with ground-sourced heating, surrounded by poolside changing rooms and a sun terrace.   There would a small splash pool for children and cafe. Additional facilities might include a gym, exercise studio, small group spin studio, yoga room and community meeting rooms. It could integrate with cycle lanes and include a compact bike park. 

Tinside Lido
Possible locations include Wormwood Scrubs (200 acres) and Gunnersbury Park (180 acres).  Other possible sites include the playing fields near Barnes bridge, White City Park, Ravenscourt Park, Wormholt Park, Wendell park, Trinity Way park or Acton Park.

Lido Revival

Official Site

Hammersmith Lido

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  1. Currently I have to got to Hampton Open Air swimming pool, which is a Lido which was saved, and it takes me an hour and a half to get there by public transport. As a child I used to go to the open air Lido in Edsnor Road in chiswick. West London desparately needs a new Lido.