Monday, 27 December 2021

Support Bush Businesses This Christmas

Albertine for sale?
This holiday season, don't forget to support our local businesses in Shepherd's Bush, which have been hard hit by the latest semi-lockdown.  Shops and restaurants have been half-empty, losing business at what is traditionally their busiest time of year.  Shepherd's Bush businesses have endured three lockdowns, and many will struggle to make it through to better times.

The Albertine is one of my favourite wine bars, a lovely local watering hole with a proud history - it's where the first script for "Eastenders" was written. Times have been tough, and the big For Sale sign above the door doesn't bode well. 

So don't forget to get out there and spend some money to keep our local businesses alive. Shepherd's Bush business needs our support. 

Albertine, empty tables?
In the BBC days, the Albertine was a favourite BBC watering hole on Wood Lane - and one of the nicest wine bars in our neighbourhood.  It is also a place that made history - it's where where the very first EastEnders script was written.

But for head chef Allegra McEvedy, the Albertine is a very personal story, since the wine bar was founded by Allegra's Mum back in the late 1970s. And for local residents, it was a happy day see this lovely piece of Old Shepherd's Bush restored to its former glory when it re-opened in 2017.

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